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New Products

Sissy Shoe Jackets (with Bows)

$36.00 Sale $28.80
Save: 20%
These are wonderful covers for our Serving Shoes. They feature a big bow at the front, and a smaller bow at the rear Our exclusive sissy shoe jackets... more info

Adorlee Satin French Maid

$235.00 Sale $188.00
Save: 20%
Our cute, classic Adorlee French maids uniform features a round cut neckline that has a thin satin piping going through the wide lace trim, and a... more info

7 inch Dark Leopard Skyhigh Bedheels

$119.00 Sale $95.20
Save: 20%
Hand-made in Dark Leopard-print horse leather to a luxury standard with an amazing 7" spike heel! These shoes are designed so extreme, they are NOT... more info

Daisy Prissy Petticoat

$99.00 Sale $79.20
Save: 20%
Our amazing Daisy Prissy Petticoat was made especially for our Prissy dress collection, but will be an asset to any sissy dress you have! She sits... more info

Satin Cutie-Pie Petticoat

$79.00 Sale $63.20
Save: 20%
Our Satin Cutie-Pie Petticoat is not only made especially for our Prissy dress collection, but will be an asset to any sissy dress you have, she will... more info

Kara Leatherette Blouse

$61.00 Sale $48.80
Save: 20%
Kare is made in our amazing Leatherette material (an imitation of shiny leather) and features a button front, with a classic collar. The blouse is... more info

Leatherlook Mini Skirt

$31.00 Sale $24.80
Save: 20%
This hot short skirt, made from the sexiest fake thin leather, is so hot! If you are frisky enough to wear it, every man's jaw will be on the floor!... more info

Leatherlook Sophie skirt

$42.00 Sale $33.60
Save: 20%
Be the center of attention in our amazing Sophie skirt! An amazing cut, made in three-panels with a 10 inch zip at the rear. We use a synthetic... more info

Samara High-waist Leatherette Skirt

$74.00 Sale $59.20
Save: 20%
1940's sexy siren high wasted skirt, and a breath-taking design that will make you look a million dollars! The skirt features a fashionable... more info

Pure Satin Panties

$25.00 Sale $20.00
Save: 20%
So sweet and innocent, our popular and delightful pure satin panties are double-lined in satin and feature an elasticated waist. [panties-showshapes]... more info

Annalisa Leatherette Short skirt

$57.00 Sale $45.60
Save: 20%
Dare to wear our latest super leather mini skirt of the very highest quality! Be the sexiest leather girl on your block! This leather mini skirt is... more info

Charlize Leatherlook Blouse with satin Trims

$53.00 Sale $42.40
Save: 20%
Charlize is made in our amazing Shiny Leatherlook material (an imitation of thin leather) and features a button front, with a classic satin collar... more info

Shiny Babe Hotpants

$26.00 Sale $20.80
Save: 20%
What would you do in your shiny hotpants? Made in shiny stretch holographic or satin, these gorgeous shorts have an elasticated waist and are just... more info

Satin Ripple Blouse

$61.00 Sale $48.80
Save: 20%
Our beautifully-shaped Ripple blouse can be worn for so many different occasions and will go with just about any outfit, be it a tight fitting skirt,... more info

6 inch Custom size PU Xtreme Crotch Boots

$349.00 Sale $279.20
Save: 20%
Our amazing 6" Xtreme Crotch Boots are custom made to fit YOU! Now you can have boots that go UP TO YOUR CROTCH! They are made in lovely shiny PU,... more info

Satin tie-front Blouse

$29.00 Sale $23.20
Save: 20%
This stunning tie-front satin blouse is the perfect combination with any sexy skirt. Made from super-shiny material, this sexy tie blouse has a... more info

Satin Beluka Pleated Blouse

$82.88 Sale $66.30
Save: 20%
Become a really sexy siren when you wear our stunning Satin Beluka Pleated Blouse. Made in shiny satin she has a flattering neck-line that is trimmed... more info

Stripes Tease Blouse

$51.00 Sale $40.80
Save: 20%
Such a breathtaking, naughty, shiny blouse in our wonderful petite-stripes fabric! Our girls designed what they consider to be the sexiest 'tease'... more info

Daisy Deluxe Petticoat

$43.00 Sale $34.40
Save: 20%
What a wonderful, sissy petticoat this is! Featuring a top layer of our amazing Daisy sissy fabric and then underneath a layer of our Sparkling... more info

Satin Sissy Cushion Cover

$24.00 Sale $19.20
Save: 20%
Every real sissy should have our Satin Sissy Cushion Cover! Not only is it sissy personified, but it keeps your darling sissy knees comfy when you... more info

Karla Leatherette Top

$63.00 Sale $50.40
Save: 20%
Our Karla leatherette vest top will be a real asset to your wardrobe, not only will it look incredibly sexy with your Fetish clothing but also with... more info

Agustina Satin French Maid

$156.54 Sale $125.23
Save: 20%
Agustina is made in shiny satin, and features a scoop neckline that is trimmed in dainty lace and satin hanging bows. She has short-puff elasticated... more info

Leather Lace-up Pussy Crotch Boots

$459.00 Sale $367.20
Save: 20%
Our amazing 6" real leather Lace-up Pussy Crotch Boots are custom made to fit YOU! Now you can have boots that go UP TO YOUR CROTCH! They are made in... more info

Vortex PVC Basque

$112.00 Sale $89.60
Save: 20%
Made in high quality shiny PVC, Vortex features front metal rings with ties, and shoulder straps. We make these gorgeous PVC basques to order - the... more info